This Is Why British Singers Sing With An American Accent

This Is Why British Singers Sing With An American Accent


There are many singers from across the pond who have millions of fans here in America. Those singers also appear to sport American accents while they are singing.

Source: YouTube

What's going on here? One might wonder.

How is it that these musicians pop on an American accent when they warble and belt, but abandon it just in time for the post-concert interview or a few words for the crowd between their ballads?

Is it a choice they are making in order to impress and reach more Americans because our country demands or expect it?

What, exactly, is happening here!?

Source: YouTube

Well, thanks to the YouTube channel Today I Found Out, we now have some very intriguing information.

For many of these artists, their "American" singing accents may not actually be intentional at all!

Fun Fact: Did you know that an "American" accent is the easiest accent for a human being to sing in? Turns out it is. And that plays a big part in why these folks belt in an accent that we recognize.

Even more interesting? Many British or foreign musicians do not even think that they sing in a different accent than they speak.

Source: YouTube

Are you ready to learn all about the science of singing, and why artists like Elton John or Adele sing so differently from how they speak?

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