This Is What Catnip Actually Does To Your Cat

This Is What Catnip Actually Does To Your Cat


When it comes to being a cat owner, I consider myself to be like the stereotypical helicopter parent: I am more than willing to drug my kid to keep her in good spirits.

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And what is the kitty equivalent of ADHD medication? Why, none other than catnip, of course! I'll admit it: I never really knew what catnip was. I just figured out that anything labeled with the word meant that my kitty, Riley, was in for a grand ole time.

I have at least five catnip-infused toys back at my apartment. I also have a sack of the loose leaf stuff. One quick pinch and rub and little Riley is rolling around on the floor in a hypnotic daze.

She's so cute when she does that!

I was perfectly happy never knowing what catnip was, but I'm glad that I came across this informational video from YouTube channel "Today I Found Out."

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For one, I learned that a cat can actually overdose on catnip! I also learned the unsavory side effects of when that overdose occurs.

Needless to say, I will make sure that Riley never overdoses on catnip.

I also learned the total length of a catnip trip, and now can stop trying to get her to be silly more than once every few hours.

And, finally, I also learned that catnip serves as a mosquito repellent! Cool!

To find out all sorts of cool things about this kitty drug, click play below.

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