This Honest Diet Commercial Is Almost Too Accurate


All my life, I have struggled with health and nutrition. I was a hefty kid, a skinny tween, a hefty teen, a skinny college kid... and on and on and on.

Source: YouTube

The one thing that has been consistent in my life is my inconsistency with eating right and exercising. If there's a freak diet plan out there, I've tried it. Or, at least, considered it.

What can I say? I'm always looking for an easy way out because "hey, eat less crap and move around a bit more than you usually do" is just so much work I don't want to do.

Well, the Cracked channel on YouTube gets my pain and decided to do me a solid by showing me the diet commercial I should have seen all my life.

Source: YouTube

In this video ad, the smiling, friendly narrator tells it like it is. And you know what? He's right. Every last damn word of it is right.

And I think that most of us dieters are aware of the cold, hard truth when it comes to dieting and lifestyle.

Every plan is essentially repackaging the same core concept: put less in than you burn off. Or keep that in balance if you want to stay the same.

Such an easy concept that is so hard to enact, am I right? Well, that's what last year's resolutions were for, right?

Click below to watch the fake ad!

Source: YouTube