This Cat Shelter Commercial Will Make You Rush Out To Adopt


Local Animal Shelter Rescue Commercial is Full of Charm and Inspiration to Go Out and Adopt

I want to establish that you should only adopt a pet should you have the means. No one should take an animal home that isn't capable of handling the dog or cat or turtle or horned dragon. Should you feel the need arise in a mighty way, I'd let this video launch me over the edge and adopt two more kittens.

Or just launch the kittens I adopt hereafter.


Furkids, located in Atlanta, GA, is a nonprofit organization that runs the largest cage-free, no-kill shelter for rescued cats in the Southeast. They provide homes and set up adoptions for the over 1,000 animals in the program today.

While that's all well and good, they do work to create more of an outreach and connect new potential owners with possible new family members. They created a commercial bathed in the lather of cheesiness and heart. So much heart cheese that the fine fellows on Reddit decided to pass the video around and share as much as possible, making it a bona fide viral hit.


What made this commercial so popular with the Redditors? I did reference the cheesiness and heart, but I didn't reference the references packed in to the short, 4-minute commercial.

Whether it's the forced puns, the over-the-top salesman talking to the cats (try not to laugh when he calls the kitten fat), the sly background action (notice the woman dressed up as the Wacky Waving Arm man), or the ridiculous editing involved (see the amazingly awful editing when the salesman puts on the merchandise), something about this commercial carries weight. Emotional weight that hits you and makes you notice the earnest attempt put into showcasing the message: Adopt a pet and help another living soul.


If you don't live in the Atlanta area but still appreciate the effort put into finding homes for animals, you can still donate here.

H/T: Uproxx, Reddit, FurKids