These Unfortunate People Just Tried Coffee For The First Time


Drinking coffee is far from a unique behavior. Most people drink it, right?

Source: YouTube

You might think that absolutely everyone drinks coffee. Heck, you may think that those folks who do not imbibe the caffeinated brew are only recently quit from the popular habit.

You would be wrong!

YouTube channel Facts. somehow tracked down a handful of Irish guys and gals who had never had a single drop of coffee before. They then forced these people to try a number of different coffee-based beverages.

Source: YouTube

One of the most interesting things about watching this video? How absolutely terrible coffee and coffee-based beverages taste to people who've never had them before in their lives!

The comparisons these suffering first-timers fling at the brew are brutal and unforgiving. One such comparison? Granny panties.

Excuse us!? Really? Is that what an Americano tastes like? We guess that makes it an acquired taste that we never realized since we've been imbibing this energizing sludge for decades.

Source: YouTube

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