These Are The Many Ways Today's Pop Music Singers Are Fooling Us


I am no fool. I have known for many years that the music I hear from my favorite recording artists has been manipulated, optimized, edited, and overwhelmingly improved.

Source: YouTube

But I guess I didn't realize just how much a musician's vocals could be messed with, until now.

YouTube channel RoomieOfficial's latest video has gone viral, and with good cause: he gives us a peek inside the sound booth and shows us how he can turn a random girl, singing with no small measure of mediocrity, into a diva that sounds an awful lot like a number of pop artists.

It turns out that autotune is only the beginning when it comes to the tricks and tools of the trade that are available to today's music producers.

Source: YouTube

Today's pop music tracks could in fact be Frankenstein's monsters of numerous recording sessions, each more off-key than the last, all souped up and whipped into shape by smart and nerdy technicians who get none of the public credit.

What!? Science! The future is now! I'll admit that I cannot tell if I am feeling more impressed or deceived.

I mean, I already knew that the voices I were hearing could not possibly be real. I guess I just didn't know how fake they actually most likely are. I'm deceived, yes. But that doesn't make the music any less enjoyable to listen to.

Carry on, pop producers! As long as I can dance and lip sync to it in my shower, I am satisfied.

Click play below to learn about the tricks and tools of pop music producers!

Source: YouTube