These Are The Actual Reasons Characters Drink Milk In Movies


We've all been told that milk does a body good. But did you know that it also does cinematic character development good, too?

Source: YouTube

Think about it: when's the last time you saw a character in a movie drinking milk? I don't mean just any character, though. I'm talking about adults.

Think about it. I was actually surprised by how many distinct memories I had of adults drinking milk in films. They seemed to have stuck with me for many, many years.

Why? Well, because it's not every day that you hear an adult order a glass of milk at a restaurant or pour themselves a tall glass of the creamy stuff of their own accord.

No. We are used to soda. Alcohol. Coffee. Wine. But milk? Nope. Not at all something we are accustomed to.

Source: YouTube

So what, exactly, is the deal with adult movie characters drinking milk? Well, YouTube channel Now You See It has gone ahead and created a video that tells you a number of interesting observations about adult characters getting their milk on.

Even more interesting? When you switch out cow milk for breast milk. Watch the fur fly!

I'll say this much: I was always aware and intrigued when an adult movie character chose to drink milk. Now I'll be obsessed with it the next time it happens.

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Source: YouTube