'The Simpsons' Doesn't Know What To Do With Apu After Backlash--And Twitter Is Torn

'The Simpsons' Doesn't Know What To Do With Apu After Backlash--And Twitter Is Torn

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The Simpsons is the subject of a new documentary that aired November 17th called The Problem With Apu, directed by writer/actor/comedian Hari Kondabolu. Specifically the character Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, is being called into question for the way the Indian character has been portrayed for nearly 30 years. 

Kondabolu's film looks at the character of Apu through America's history of mocking minorities with over the top caricatures, stereotypes in the name of comedy. 

The makers of the film were unable to get an interview with actor Hank Azaria, but recently a tv crew caught up with him on the way to the airport and asked him about the documentary

Azaria had this to say:

 “I think the documentary made some really interesting points, and gave us a lot at The Simpsons to think about, and we really are thinking about it. Definitely anybody who was hurt or offended by it, by any character or vocal performance, it’s really upsetting that that was hurtful to anybody. And I think it’s an important conversation, and one definitely worth having, so thanks for asking.”

This is a complex problem and will no doubt take time to work out an acceptable solution.

For his part, Kondabolu tweeted a few suggestions. 

Many folks appreciated this idea. 

Some people added their own story lines.

Other people were angry about any changes. 

Others saw through the racial stereotype to a full, rich character. 

We will all have to wait and see how the creators of The Simpsons deal with this over the next season. 

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