"The Princess Bride" Survives The Honest Trailer Treatment Relatively Unscathed

"The Princess Bride" Survives The Honest Trailer Treatment Relatively Unscathed


I remember the first time I saw "The Princess Bride." My mom had grabbed it for me from the library when I was home sick from school.

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I remember thinking: "hmmm... weird. Is this entire movie going to be that old dude reading a story to the kid from The Wonder Years?"

I was then excited to quickly learn that this was not what The Princess Bride would be. I also remember thinking that the short shot of a Nintendo game was the coolest thing ever, because I had that game, too!

One of the bad things about The Princess Bride is that it came out so long ago, and therefore had escaped the withering eye of Screen Junkies' Honest Trailers series.

Fortunately for humanity, they finally got around to tackling the film on their YouTube channel!

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And you know what? The Princess Bride made it out alive!

Sure, Honest Trailers takes a few swipes at the film. Who wouldn't? And who's going to disagree with what the all-knowing narrator voice says? Yes the music is pretty cheesey. Yes the characters do say their catchphrases over and over again.

Yes the love interest story is kind of silly and kind of weirdly verbally abusive. This film came out a long time ago, okay!?

But, in the end, the voice of the narrator admits what we all know: The Princess Bride is an absolute classic that most of us probably never saw in the theaters, but now have seen so many times that we can quote the entire thing from beginning to end.

Source: YouTube

Are you ready to see the long-awaited Honest Trailer of The Princess Bride?

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