The Original 1980s Rainbow Brite Doll Is Making A Comeback

The must-have toy on every 80s kid's list was the Rainbow Brite doll. Did you own one? Well, if you didn't, now's your chance! Metro UK is reporting that a re-issue of the original 1980s Rainbow Brite Doll will be available for sale in stores this summer. The doll isn't the only toy that is making a comeback.  Plush versions of the magnificent horse Starlight and sprite friend Twink will also be available for purchase. A new book is also on the way as well as various Itty Bittys, based on the original series. For those of you unfamiliar with Rainbow Brite, here's a little recap. The Rainbow Brite character first came to the world in 1983 as a cartoon show, telling the story of a little girl named Wisp charged with bringing color to the world through her magic Color Belt and Star Sprinkles.  The cartoon was a hit for so many children around the world, that the show's merchandise are now prized collectables for those same kids, all grown up.
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The popularity and demand for Rainbow Brite has been so huge that a new cartoon was created last year, featuring the voice talents of Emily Osment and Molly Ringwald. Entertainment Tonight reports that the updated cartoon series was launched by the online-subscription service, Feeln.  "With Rainbow Brite, we believe we have created something that captures the essence of the original series—but with a vision that resonates today," Iris Ichishita, head of original entertainment at Feeln, said in a statement. "We hope audiences will react with an ‘oh my bows!'—just like us."
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As for the original dolls, there are currently only plans to sell them at select Hallmark cards stores in the US, according to the Metro UK article. If they do well, international distribution would be next. Here's hoping! If the return of Rainbow Brite makes you happy, than you should definitely check out Awesome & Obscure Breakfast Cereals From The 80s That Need To Make A Comeback.