The Moment When People Realized They Were Getting Old

The Moment When People Realized They Were Getting Old


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Sneaky how the years creep by. When you look back, you see how far you've come in terms of accomplishments. But then life has a way of reminding you that you're also getting older.

People share the exact moment when they realized they're no longer spring chickens.

Moment (1/30)

When I saw someone on Reddit talk about 9-11 as something they were reading about in high school history class.


Moment (2/30)

When my professor asked if anybody remembered the beginning of the Iraq invasion and only I did :/

Edit: oh and in class when somebody asked what MySpace was. That one stung a little.


Moment (3/30)

When the great songs of my youth began to be played on oldies stations.


Moment (4/30)

When I noticed I was 5 years older than Playboy centerfolds.


Moment (5/30)

Started with the 'laughter lines' around my eyes. Then, my friends started losing their hair. Then we all got mortgages, and married, and some of us had kids.

I got my first grey hair about six months ago. F*#k, it's true. We all really do get old.

Also: I'm almost totally out of touch with new music for the past, well, at least five years. Youtube personalities, what are they all about then? I take great interest in which conditions my travel insurance covers, and my 'fun' budget isn't so much about beer money as it is about DIY projects in this bloody house.

Yep, 37 is old.


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