Does This Shirt Have Mystical Powers? The Internet Thinks So


Girl's Simple Selfie Sparks Online Debate and Drudges Up Old, Dark Memories

Recently, our country has moved beyond a tragedy. A fateful event so severe that its essence lingers to this day, years afterwards. We've moved on and started building new foundations over the grave of this horrible event. For today, however, I'm going to bring it back to life. I'm talking about the black and blue dress.

Or is it white and gold?


Even when it didn't mean to this little dress sparked controversy. The colorful illusion of the eyes messed with dinner parties and interrupted perfectly normal date nights. Now another clothes related item is causing heated debate. Twitter user, @mmmadelinee, posted a selfie of herself the other day. Harmless, yes?

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Seemingly normal, right? That is until Twitter users noted that when you zoomed in on the shirt completely, the colors and lines of her shirt shift around.