The American Foods We Love Today, All Thanks To Immigrants

The American Foods We Love Today, All Thanks To Immigrants


You thought your favorite foods were as American as apple pie.

Yet apple pie isn't really American. In fact, most of the foods we love and grew up with aren't indigenous to native America at all.

Unless you profess your love for maize and corn, you technically can't declare hot dogs, apple pie, and other usual suspects as real American cuisine. They're imported goods.

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YouTube's Tasty channel enlightened us with six delicious food contributions from immigrants, adding to the melting pot of fare that became very much a part of the American experience.

Here are six American foods created by immigrants.

(6/6) Pizza

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We adopted this Italian import as an American staple in 1905 when Gennaro Lombardi got his license to sell pizza on Spring Street in Manhattan. Super Bowl parties and all-nighters in college dorms wouldn't be the same without it. Grazie, Italia!

(5/6) Apple pie

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This was a joint effort, brought to you by England and Germany in the 1700s. Interesting fact: Even apples were introduced to England via the Romans. The closest thing to apples colonists found in America were crab apple trees, which were not as appetizing. Danke, Deutschland und England!

(4/6) Potato salad

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Everyone's favorite side dish contribution to pot luck dinners came from Germany during the mid-1800s. Later, New England put their own twist on it by adding mayo. Danke, Deutschland!

Keep reading to find out the origin of these foods, next.

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