Tennis Announcer Can't Ignore Loud Intercourse From Off Court

Tennis Announcer Can't Ignore Loud Intercourse From Off Court


It was quite a racket - one that kept going until Cation finally realized that it wasn't from a phone. "That's an apartment across the lake," he confirmed, as the game resumed.

Unlike a grand stadium sport, intimate games like tennis are typically vulnerable to objectionable sounds that can disrupt a player's concentration.

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At one point, even the players responded. Kreuger aggressively smashed a ball in the couple's direction, inciting bursts of laughter from the crowd, and Tiafoe exclaimed, "It can't be that good!" Think again, buddy. Maybe it is.

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The spectators were eating it all up. At one point, a giggling mother could be seen encouraging her boy to cover his ears in order to prevent the game from scarring him for life.

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"Well, everyone was looking around to see where that was coming from and finally figured out that wasn't a video," Cation said.

Still bewildered over the rowdy coitus, he quipped, "At least somebody's having a good night."

Later, Cation posted a shout-out to the happy couple on Twitter.

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Looks like the Sarasota Open was wide open for a good time. Sarasota for the win!

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