Teachers Of Reddit Talk About The Students That Brightened Up Their Day

Teachers Of Reddit Talk About The Students That Brightened Up Their Day


Ask Reddit: A rabbit hole I'm proud to say I've fallen down more than once. This time, teachers were asked to tell their fellow Redditors about the kindest gestures from their students that brightened up their day. Their answers were heartwarming.

Redditor "danbrownskin" started it all with this simple question:
Teachers or Reddit, what simple gesture from a student brightened up your shitty day?
The teachers of Reddit were more than happy to share.

Student to his teacher: "Yours is the only class I've ever wanted to wake up early for."

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Redditor: "I'm a college instructor, and it's always nice when students show genuine interest or acknowledge me as a human being."

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Others gave more detailed stories, such as Redditor garnetred15:

I'm a band teacher, and this is my first year. So far it's been rough. The parents aren't pleased with what I'm doing, and it looks like I got on the wrong side of the loudest woman with nothing better to do with her time than to bad-mouth the new kid on the block. I've had several parents actually yelling at me over random things. Principal isn't happy with me, and is backing the parents. All I'm doing is holding kids accountable for learning their instruments. I was helping one of my students learn music for honor band auditions after school. After we finished up, she told me that her mom noticed a vast improvement since the start of the year. She also told me that I'm one of the best directors to teach at the school in over 5 years. (it's a k-12) I think at this point I started tearing up. It was the first time I was complimented on how I do my job. That was only last week. It meant a lot to me.

From Redditor: girllock:

Two stories from 5th grade where I worked as a para/reading teacher. I had a kid who was ALWAYS distracted and out there, but genuinely tried his best. Sweetest little guy. One day he walks up to my desk with an expression of pure joy... That was replaced by the most baffled face I've ever seen. He then solemnly said, "Miss Girllock, my train of thought just chugga-chugga-choo-choo'd away." He marched back to his desk and sat down while I tried not to die laughing. Second one... On my last day as a para, before I had to switch to subbing only due to health needs, a boy who'd been hell on wheels to every teacher the entire year came up and gave me a hug. This kid had a hard situation and would try everything in the book to get out of class, which was why he was my "partner" in class projects. I'd take as much time as we needed to get through a page, or his name, or just to stay in class without hiding. So, he hugged me as I left and said I was his favorite teacher because I never got mad, and I needed to come and sub his class (so he'd know I hadn't ditched him.) I held it together until he left, cried in the car, and you better believe I took every sub job to his classroom that year. Kid is finally in a better situation and I couldn't be happier.
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From Redditor pikacakes:

This was a few years ago, but it is by far the most heartwarming (and heartbreaking) thing a child has ever said to me. I was with a group of after school kids, two brothers and their sister. They lived with their dad, mom wasn't in the picture. While playing in the sandbox, out of nowhere, the girl looked at me and said "Ms. Pikacakes, I wish you were my mommy." It made me so happy, and so sad all at once.

From Redditor Chamerlee:

I hate my school. Absolutely hate it. The staff are horrible to the students and each other. One kid keeps getting screamed at and comes in most days crying. Had a parents meeting with his mum and dad. His mum told me I'm his favourite teacher because I'm calm and relaxed. Came at a perfect time and I've stopped looking for other jobs. :)

From Redditor Signifikantotter:

Was teaching English at a school in the countryside of Chile. Word had gotten around that I used to work in coffee shops. An 8th grader (not my grade level) surprised me one morning with a thermos of hot percolated Italian roast and said "Now you not have to drink that stuff in the teachers room." Kids can be so rad, man.
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Some students shared memories of their favorite teachers, too, such as Redditor lysbane:

My favorite teachers in school were the ones that encouraged me. It sounds like such a simple thing, but it was rare for me. I was overlooked and ridiculed by some teachers, as well as my parents. I began believing I was bad or worthless when I was about ten. When I was eleven, my sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Carnaroli, encouraged me to write more and told me I was gifted. When she went on maternity leave, I was frustrated; then she came by our class before Christmas with cards for everyone, and mine was full of writing inside, reminding me that I matter. I held onto that for years, but I lost it because my ex-husband is a twat. I'm working on a novel now and I hope it gets published. I want to give her a copy, if I can find her. In high school, I had more teachers who paid attention. It would be funny if one of them found this, but I doubt they will. Mrs. Boyden, who refused to ignore me in gym class like all of my other gym teachers had; she made me care about sports. Mr. Catanzarite for math and Mr. Catanzarite for English. They were brothers and they encouraged me to be different from the crowd of teenagers I sometimes felt lost in. All of the art teachers I had in high school. This post made me feel like taking a trip and visiting any of them, if they're still around.

Some kids are always prepared. Just listen to this short and sweet anecdote from Redditor Sarcastic_Teacher:

In the middle of teaching a math lesson to my fourth graders, I got a paper cut. I said ouch, and then spent a grand total of about two seconds looking down to examine the damage. When I looked up, one little boy was already standing in front of me holding a band aid. So darn sweet.
Truly heartwarming!
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