Taylor Swift Just Explained Why She Disappeared Earlier This Year

Taylor Swift Just Explained Why She Disappeared Earlier This Year


All great artists will tell you that the best of their best is born from the time they spend away from the spotlight living and learning from life. 

Well when Taylor Swift took a hiatus after her '1989' era concluded fans couldn't handle it. 


Where did she go? What happend? 

On 11/10/17 Tay released her 6th studio album "Reputation."   


Which tamed the Swifty army better than Xanax. 


Of course like any Taylor Swift music you have to read between the lines. She explains it all, or publicly shames it all.

Taylor's retreat coincidentally came after some very public drama with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. 

You see, what had happend was...

Kanye wrote a song with some pretty unflattering lyrics about Taylor. Taylor publicly condemned the song. Kim then released video proving that Taylor had actually given permission to be used in the song. Taylor clapped back by pointing out that she never approved of the more misogynistic lyrics. Then all Hell broke loose.

You still following?


Yes. Then she came back in August with the hit single "Look What You Made Me Do." The song had a ton of meaning that "alluded to"  Tay's life and her disappearance. But all was confirmed the other day when the megastar released a raw, beautiful poem explaining it all. 

There we have it. Life is hard. That Kanye and Kim phone call was a betrayal. Love and friends can be deceiving and the spotlight is relentless. Fair enough. 

Taylor is human like the rest of us!!


Twitter came to her back quick. 

The album is hot. The poem is fire. Taylor is back. All is right with the world! 


H/T : BuzzFeed, Twitter

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