T-Shirt Lets You Speak To Anyone In The World


T-Shirt makes you multilingual.

Think about traveling the world and communicating with anyone, no matter where you are. No, we're not talking about one of those cumbersome apps where you have to say something into it and hope it comes out correctly on the other end. This is more simple in its execution, more comprehensible, and easy to use. It's an ICONSPEAK WORLD T-shirt!
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You'll notice the array of universal symbols aligned on the shirt. To make it work, you create a story by pointing to different symbols to get your point across. For example, if you need to find a car to go to a bar (who doesn't?), simply point to the car, then to the beer, and see what directions you get. Once you're at the bar, you'll need wifi, so point to the wifi symbol and watch the bartender shake his head because this is the middle of Honduras, you idiot! Here are how some others are using ICONSPEAK.

No sir, you should not be drinking that water.

Thank you T-shirt, now I don't have to sleep outside and get eaten alive by mosquitoes.

If the WORLD T-shirt is too much for you, you can always   use the ICONSPEAK STORY¬†shirts. These shirts get the point, that you are only down to do one thing, across.
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This shirt says, "Girl, listen. I'm here to look at some birds, drink my face off, and get stranded on an island." Or from the ICONSPEAK website : "Relax Story Shirt."

And then, of course, there's the shirt that says: "I'm swimming with the fishies, heyyyy!!!" Or from the website: "Diver Story."

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This last one makes you think someone is going to be a peeping Tom today, but then you see the elephant. This is the "Safari Story" tank.

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And if you care to know more, you can read the story about how to talk to anybody anywhere.

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