Supreme Court's Latest Decision Is A Sharp Slap In The Face Of LGBT Community

Supreme Court's Latest Decision Is A Sharp Slap In The Face Of LGBT Community

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June. 26th, 2015 is a watershed moment in the history of America for many. It is the day same-sex marriage was at last cemented as, "the law of the land."  Now, two and a half years later the Supreme Court just dealt the law a blow and nobody is blind to it. 


Several groups waited with baited breath for the Supreme Court’s ruling regarding spousal benefits for same sex couples in Texas. It’s a decision that could have severe implications not only for legal precedent but also for the 2015 decision to legalize same sex marriage. 

The answer given, which allows Texas to continue to deny spousal benefits, dealt a worrisome punch to those who hoped gay couples could retain and uphold the promised “equal dignity in the eyes of the law.” 

But this SCOTUS ruling to allow the rejection of spousal benefits leaves the door open for a grueling divisive fight down the line.


As history will tell you, THIS is how it begins! The patient, slow and steady chipping away at an issue. This most certainly strengthens the same-sex marriage marriage opposition, BUT it also stokes the fires of those who will fight to protect it. 

LGBT community members and their supporters certainly had plenty to say on the issue.  

This isn’t a done deal. The Supreme Court’s decision allows Texas to continue denying spousal benefits, but doesn’t make a broader choice about whether spousal benefits are a definite part of marriages, gay or straight. 

But this ruling is now a significant step that could be utilized to determine the outcome of future battles over spousal benefits. 

Time will tell what happens next, but the conservatives should stay vigilant because many, many people are following this and will be ready to tussle. 


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