Suicide Squad Drops Epic Second Trailer, Tears The Nerds of The Internet In Half

Did you see the second trailer for DC’s Suicide Squad? Of course you did! If for some reason you just crawled out from underneath a wi-fi-less rock three minutes ago and happened upon this article as the first Internet-thing you've seen since you went under said rock, we will post it just below here for you to check out:
This second trailer for the film coming this Summer took a decisive turn and shifted moods rather dramatically from the trailer that came before it. Set to the familiar Wayne’s World-evoking “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen, the new Suicide Squad trailer frames the upcoming film about a group of villains sent to save the world in more of a Guardians of the Galaxy type of light. It’s funny! Silly! The characters alternate between taking themselves seriously, and taking nothing seriously!  
The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: Twitter)
But, ah, the nerds of the Internet have been torn apart by this trailer. Then again, what doesn’t tear nerds apart these days? Every comic book movie has its mega fans and its very vocal detractors. It looks like this bold, updated, re-outfitted version of Suicide Squad will be no different.  
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Suicide Squad supporters are having a field day, declaring their love for the modern Harley Quinn as performed by actress Margot Robbie. Similarly, there has been much praise for Jared Leto, the latest actor to take on the legendary Joker, with some even crediting him as marrying Nicholson’s and Ledger’s clown portrayals into a truly disturbing villain-turned-not-so-villain. Then there’s the other side of the coin, the nerds who are nostalgic for the way things used to be...  
There is a massive movement of dissatisfied DC fans who do not like their villains being meddled with. The Joker is covered in tattoos, they complain. And no one will ever unseat Ledger from his holy throne, or Nicholson from his far older throne, or Mark Hamill from his animated throne. And what about Harley Quinn! She’s lost her overdone Queens accent. Is she even going to call The Joker “Mistah Jaaaay?” These are important questions! We won’t even tackle the fact that there is a segment of the populace that is upset that Deadshot is now no longer white. We’ll leave that be and let Twitter hashtags sort it out.
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Despite this warring, it does appear that the second trailer has convinced a number of potential customers to get off the fence and go see the film when it comes out. Its stark contrast to the previous trailer seems to have done the trick. What’s happening here is a very obvious schism between those who demand slavish adherence to the characters as they originated or are most fondly remembered, and those who are excited by the re-boot and what other new things they might discover about these beloved bad boys and girls.
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Screaming and hollering aside, we know how this story ends. Nerds will fight, and scream, and sling gifs at each other, and then they will all go and see the movie any way. Then DC will get richer and richer, until they are able to afford an actual real-life Suicide Squad, and take over the world. The End! See you in the theaters this summer on August 5th.