NEW VIDEO: Can Strangers Fall In Love After Answering A Few Specific Questions?

NEW VIDEO: Can Strangers Fall In Love After Answering A Few Specific Questions?

Skeptics say that "love at first sight" doesn't happen. But what about "love in 45 minutes"? Imagine that you and a stranger are brought together to answer a series of questions in the hopes of igniting a spark. YouTubers Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown of asapSCIENCE conducted an experiment to see if they could witness just that.
The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: YouTube)
Nervous volunteers Cam and Emily sat down to participate in the experiment based on psychologist Arthur Aaron's study, which explores the possibility of closeness developing between two strangers by answering 36 questions designed to gradually build intimacy. The questions ranged from greatest accomplishments, happy memories and terrible memories, to what the participants already like about each other. The natural progression of dating would unearth these intimate revelations over time, but when you cut the small talk and go straight into heavy topics like "Do you have a secret hunch about how you will die?" it's fascinating to watch what develops when two strangers open up to each other.

“It was interesting getting to know a lot about you because a lot of those questions aren’t necessarily stuff you would say right away or even sometimes ever,” Cam told Emily at the end of the experiment.

In addition to watching them possibly falling for each other, their affable charms may make you fall for them as well.

Watch asapSCIENCE's YouTube experiment to see what unfolds.   The Daily Buzz

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