Stories Of Drunk Purchases That Turned Out To Be Awesome Once These People Sobered Up

Stories Of Drunk Purchases That Turned Out To Be Awesome Once These People Sobered Up




Back when eBay was young, I was drinking A LOT with friends while bidding on a used folding kayak.

I got angry with a competing bidder and wound up paying a lot more than I would have sober. (I later learned about sniping services. I rarely buy things in online auctions anymore, but that may have been the last time I was foolish enough to watch the end of an auction and try to outbid someone who was likely a bot.)

The kayak still cost much less than a new one, and I used it for about a decade before selling it to someone else.

Paddling around Cape Cod almost always beat any gym workout I can remember.



A healthy savings account. Not exactly a purchase... but drunk me often writes notes in my phone to share her drunken insights.

One night I drafted a 2-year savings plan and transferred a sensible amount of money into my savings account. One of my drunken "ideas" was to start receiving my tips in as much change as possible (I was a waitress and we pooled tips) because I was less compelled to immediately spend change. Then I would roll up the coins every two weeks and deposit them into my savings account.

I actually ended up saving $400+ just in change within a year. And it turns out I find rolling up coins very soothing.

10/10 would drink and manage finances again.



I was losing my job because of some merger bullshit, but they announced the layoffs two months in advance so I could plan ahead.

I was drunk as hell, looking at job sites and getting depressed and said: "Fuck it! I'm going to Hong Kong for two weeks and I'll deal with this shit when I get back!" (Why HK? I dunno, I was drunk.)

I went to cancel my ticket the next day (within the 24 hour window you get), but I researched the dates I'd be there and it was the same week as the Hong Kong 7s rugby tournament so I kept the ticket.

Ended up being one of the best two weeks of my life. Hiking, swimming, exploring the city, gambling in Macau. I went on dates with girls from Australia, Canada, England, China, and Hong Kong; all through the miracle of Tinder. I got a free 3-day ticket to the Hong Kong 7s from a girl who got them free from her work. I ate incredible food. I visited the Fuji Building and got the courage to ring a doorbell. Then I promptly exited the building because I felt so creepy. I got drunk and lost a bunch of money at the horse track. I got to ride on a free party trolley with beer, sponsored by the HK tourism board. And I made a couple life long friends. I love Hong Kong.

Still looking for a good job though.




A subscription to early readers books, like Dr. Seuss and whatnot, for my one year old. She loves books and now I don't have to read the same 6 books over and over aging. Plus, it's like reliving my childhood.


PURCHASE (10/10)

An Improv Level 1 class. I still play in shows regularly.



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