Star Trek Swimwear That's Out of This World

Star Trek Swimwear That's Out of This World


Thought you were ready for your first trip to the beach this summer? Think long and prosper because ThinkGeek has got some far out gear in their Star Trek:TNG Trekini Swimwear line that will have you struttin' forward in fashion where no fashionista has gone before. Resistance is futile.

  If your sun-sensitive skin has made you stay behind from summer voyages, ThinkGeek has just the thing so that you will be assimilated with your happily tan friends for the outings:

The Deanna Troi Swim Shirt

star trek (CREDIT: ThinkGeek)
star trek Deanna Troi played by Marina Sirtis. (CREDIT: Tumblr)

For a quick cover-up to go snag another Romulan Ale on the boardwalk, a sensible and neutral romper that'll have you ready to go faster than your Ale will get you drunk. And that's, warp speed fast.

Cover-Up Romper

star trek (CREDIT: ThinkGeek)

The final garment of the new ThinkGeek line should probably come with a warning: "While wearing on beach, garment WILL provoke one, if not multiple, marriage proposals from Trekkies who will NOT be able to stop themselves." Are you ready for this?
star trek (CREDIT: LastActionArnold)

Beach me up, Scotty!

star trek (CREDIT: ThinkGeek)
Move over Pamela Anderson! To any Trekkie on the beach, you will be the opening sequence to Baywatch they've always fantasized about. This suit is modeled after the New Generation uniforms. You can choose to be Blue for Sciences, Gold for Operations, or Red for Command.
star trek (CREDIT: TrekAbout)
It would be highly illogical to not snag these while they're hot! Make it so.
star trek (CREDIT: Giphy)
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