Sportscaster Slams Transphobia To Defend Teen Wrestler Forced To Compete As A Girl

Sportscaster Slams Transphobia To Defend Teen Wrestler Forced To Compete As A Girl


Dallas sportscaster is notorious for defending controversial athletes.

Dale Hansen had a bone to pick with the University Interscholastic League (UIL), for not allowing 17-year-old Mack Beggs of Euless Trinity High to compete with boys.


Beggs was born a girl, but identifies himself as a boy and is in the process of taking testosterone hormone treatment.

Though he wanted to compete with boys, the antiquated UIL rules state that an athlete must compete with the gender corresponding to their birth certificate. Beggs went on to claim state championship for the 110 lb category of girls wrestling, eliciting boos from a disapproving crowd.

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The WFAA-TV sports anchor had some strong words to impart in defense of Beggs.

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WFAA-TV posted the broadcast on their Facebook page which had already exceeded over 647,000 views since Thursday.

Hansen contiuned:

Mack wanted to wrestle against the boys. The UIL says he had to wrestle the girls. And that's not fair for anybody involved in this argument.

Mack has been taking testosterone and it shows. There's a reason we have rules in sports against steroids, and it was an incredibly unfair advantage for him. It was also unfair to the girls who had to wrestle him.

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Hansen then posed this challenging question:

'When does a girl become a boy, and when does a boy become a girl?' or 'When can you play games against those you identify with and not what a piece of paper says you are?'

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This isn't the first time Hansen's broadcast went viral. He's defended another athlete who struggled fighting against the system before.

Continue on to find out what else the sports anchor had to say in his curt, yet eloquent way in this broadcast.

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