These Photos Are Giving Us Holiday Travel Anxiety

These Photos Are Giving Us Holiday Travel Anxiety


Holiday season is great until you get stuck in an airport.

We are days away from peak holiday travel season. Even though a white Christmas adds a little magic to the day, it certainly makes traveling a nightmare. If you travel a lot, these photos won't be a surprise. But to those traveling rookies...brace yourselves.

Chaotic winter weather resulted in hundreds of canceled flights in Denver, Colorado. Frontier Airlines is suffering from a huge amount of unclaimed baggage and stranded travelers. Many of the customers are forced to find their luggage in a massive pile that looks like this:

This insane pile of baggage happened after a storm dumped eight inches of snow on the Denver metro area. While the area is no stranger to snow storms, this storm was twice as bad than predicted. 400 flights out of Denver were cancelled as a result.

4 hours sleep and back looking for our bags. Wish me luck!

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Heath Montgomery, a spokesman for the Denver Airport, told the Denver Post:

Both the airport and the airlines were not expecting so much snow so it threw a curveball in operations.

In addition to the massive amount of unclaimed baggage, a flight from Atlanta was supposedly stuck on the tarmac for five hours until passengers were allowed to exit the plane.

Some travelers went to social media to capture the insanity of the Denver Airport.

Customers had to come back to Denver days later to search through all of the luggage lookalikes.

This massive snow storm is also impacting customer service and other airlines. United Airlines had an enormous line at one of its customer service kiosks in the airport.

Whether you're traveling by car, train, or plane beware of the winter weather coming your way.

Safe travels and happy holidays!

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