Want Your Own Pair Of Snapchat Spectacles? It Won't Be Easy


Have you heard of the new Snapchat Spectacles yet? Get ready to hear a heck of a lot about them in the coming weeks and months.

Snapchat (CREDIT: Mashable)

  Does the product remind you of Google Glass? Well, slow down, Sparky. They aren't. Google Glass, which never became a must-have for every living walking human being, never quite caught on with people. In fact, they turned more people off than on. Not so for these suckers. Many are crediting the early buzz around Snapchat Spectacles to their simplicity. There is no computer screen on the lens of the eyewear. And they only interface with Snapchat. That's it. The camera lens is on the top right of the Spectacles. On the top left there sits an LED that lights up when you're recording and also lets you know how much battery you have.
Snapchat (CREDIT: Tech Crunch)

  To start recording, you just hit the record button on the side of the glasses. The lens will then shoot a circular video for either 10, 20, or 30 seconds. You can then upload the video to your Snapchat account. Why circular? Because it allows you to seamlessly view the video either vertically or horizontally on your phone. You can even just rotate your phone while viewing the video and it will seamlessly expand or heighten the video. It's a rather cool effect.
Snapchat (CREDIT: Mashable)

  The spectacles are retailing for $130. This is a very affordable and sensible price for a wearable technology. Now, where can you get them? That's the tricky part. You can only grab Snapchat Spectacles from a Snapbot vending machine. And, at press time, only two of these vending machines exist. One is in Venice, California, the other is in Big Sur, California. I hope that they sneak a few machines into Manhattan. I also hope I stumble across said machine before everyone else does and there's a mob scene and I can't get my own pair. To everyone who's already gotten their pair of Spectacles: damn you, and I hate you. You're the lucky ones. Have fun.  
H/T: Mashable, Tech Crunch