Snake Eating Another Snake Reminds Us All Why Australia Is On Our Nope List

Snake Eating Another Snake Reminds Us All Why Australia Is On Our Nope List


Dear Australia, We Need To Talk.

There was a time that our relationship with Australia was one of love and respect. Sure there were nopes all over the continent, but we had the Crocodile Hunter to protect us and Wolverine to help us forget.

A simpler, thumbsuppier, time.

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Since we lost our beloved Steve Irwin, we've tried making memes out of the many, many, so very very very many things about Australia that are terrifying. Things can't hurt us when we meme them, right? Now they're funny, not scary!

We don't even know if this is legitimately Australian, but it's terrifying so we just assume...


What a lovely bird... oh, God.


OK listen, I'm from Florida so I'm used to enormous lizard-creatures in the streets. Between the alligators and the iguanas, this is not something I'm not used to seeing. This is a crocodile, though! A croc! Not a placid, lazy gator but a murder-lizard that grows to 20+ feet long and is not in the mood to deal with your shit right now. Nope. No thanks. I'm good. I'll pass.

I'm not ashamed to admit I'd fear-pee a little.

Bad Sentinel

This pig did the only thing he could think to do when he realized where he was.

We feel you, piggy.

The Poke

We were starting to make peace with it all. We really were. Then you went and did this. We know there are snakes in Australia. We know the snakes are the nopiest nopes around. We know those snakes sometimes need to be caught. What we weren't prepared for was the snake catchers to be armed with video equipment when they stumbled across the most Australian snake interaction the world has ever seen.

Norman and Sally Hill were called to a Queensland home on Monday to remove a problematic snake. What does a snake have to do to be considered "problematic" in Australia? Be a brown snake, the snake responsible for the most deaths in the nation. That's like being the super-devil.

Some things just don't need upgrading, Australia.

Superhero Hype

Anyway, the snake-catching duo showed up during snack time. They found the brown snake enjoying a meal; not a rat or anything as expected as that. Norman and Sally found the snake chomping on another snake. The pair had to make a choice. If they tried to catch the brown snake immediately, it would regurgitate the partially digested snake it was eating and leave them with a gross mess to clean up. On the plus side, they'd have the brown snake and be able to get out of there. If they waited, there would be no mess and the brown snake would be too full to put up much fight about being caught.

They opted to wait. Hours. While they waited, they shot this beautiful bit of video.

Try to make it the whole way though. I couldn't.


H/T: Mashable, Facebook, Buzzfeed

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