Incredibly Sexist Job Posting Incites Justifiable Uproar

Incredibly Sexist Job Posting Incites Justifiable Uproar


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Recently, people have been screaming about a strangely antiquated and sexist job post made its way onto LinkedIn.

The offensive comment was one sentence, at the bottom of the job description. We’re rolling our eyes as we prepare to type it this very moment.

“Please note that the Position requires filling in the responsibilities of a receptionist, so female candidates are preferred.”

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Um. We’re sorry. Excuse us? Did we read that right? Maybe we just accidentally left our Crazy Glasses on this morning and forgot to put on our This Is 2015, Get With It contact lenses.

There are so many things astoundingly wrong with this seemingly simple call for candidates to fulfill the position of a content writer and search engine optimization specialist. Was the HR department in the middle of a Mad Men marathon binge when they wrote this ad? Are they aware Mad Men is not a reality show?

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The company that ironically, despite its focus on the Internet, appears to dwell in the era of cavemen dragging their wives around by the hair, is called Vestra Inet, and is based in Toronto. The thing is, beyond being incredibly offensive, Vestra Inet's job posting may be illegal as well.

According to,

"It's not uncommon to see job listings in countries like India that specifically call for a female receptionist, or even request particular physical attributes like "clear skin" that will make candidates more attractive to customers. In Ontario, however, this isn't exactly legal. Ontario law prohibits sex discrimination in the workplace, including job applications and recruitment.”


The job listing in question is no longer available on LinkedIn. According to previous reports, the position was filled. We imagine whomever she is, she will be working with a sweaty, cigar-chomping guy with a receding hairline who sips bourbon at nine in the morning.

Vestra Inet may have deleted the offensive job posting in question, but the justifiably outraged comments from women in regards to said posting on the page remain a well-deserved scar, in our opinion.

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Vestra also issued a public apology. Gee, thanks. Forgive us for not really accepting it, especially given the original posting they wrote, and how it doesn’t quite square with the apology provided:

"We would like to address the attention and comments that we have been receiving after our company posted an advertisement on LinkedIn for the position of 'Content Writer & SEO Specialist' with receptionist responsibilities. Several individuals have found the wording of the ad to be offensive, and we want to assure everyone that we did not mean to discriminate against any particular gender or group. Vestra Inet is a company that believes in promoting diversity. Our staff currently consists of employees of various genders and ethnicities. Above all, Vestra Inet values knowledge and talent.”

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The worst part in our opinion is that we believe them. What makes this posting so offensive was that it showed a clear lack of understanding of misogyny. That’s the scariest part. Best of luck to whomever got the position; we hope they don’t have a dress code as well. Pencil skirts and kitten heels, anyone?

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