Senator Jeff Flake Just Slammed People Who Go To Trump Rallies—And We Agree

Senator Jeff Flake Just Slammed People Who Go To Trump Rallies—And We Agree

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Over the course of the past several months Republican Senator Jeff Flake from Arizona has become a bit of a political superstar. He has been very open in his criticism of the White House's current resident, and before he departs office in 2018 --Sen. Flake, being disillusioned with his party has chosen to not run for re-election-- he'll clearly have a few more things to say.


Recently while appearing on ABC's "This Week" the Senator dished out some brutal but necessary advice to his party; advice they may want to adhere to in order to thrive. 

When discussing '45's and the party's support- particularly at public rallies-it is evident where the problem lies.

 Sen. Flake said :

"When you look at some of the audiences cheering for Republicans, sometimes, you look out there and you say, 'those are the spasms of a dying party,' he added,  "When you look at the lack of diversity, sometimes, and it depends on where you are, obviously, but by and large, we're appealing to older white men and there are just a limited number of them, and anger and resentment are not a governing philosophy." 

Flake was also a vocal supporter of Roy Moore's winning opponent in the Alabama Senate race, Democrat Doug Jones, he even went so far as to send a $100 check for Jones' campaign writing, "Country over Party" in the memo line.  

As you can imagine all this did not sit so well with the Senator's current party.


Well some breakups are bitter. 


On the other hand we have to admit the Senator sounds pretty solid here. And he's trying to give some departing wisdom to further strengthen the future of the GOP.

Flake warned, 

"The last thing we need is to push that ultranationalist, ethno-nationalist, protectionist kind of element of the party. That's not good for us."

He was largely referring to the marginalization of people like Steve Bannon, who does the party only further damage.

The President who frequently loves to take shots at the Senator has been mum on this latest round. He'll probably pop up with a witty retort soon enough. 

H/T : The Hill, Twitter

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