See What Happens When One Woman Gets Made Over By Six Different Stylists


Makeovers usually go one of two ways. Either you end up feeling like this about your look:

That's ... A Look...

Or you end up feeling like this about your look:


So when Buzzfeed producer, Niki, decided it was time for a makeover she knew her chances to love the look would be higher if she went with more than one stylist. What's a girl to do in that situation? Call in your squad, of course. Niki opted to let each of the ladies from Buzzfeed series, Ladylike, take a crack at being her stylist.

That's six stylists, six different looks, and one Niki.

She Is Not Exactly Known For Living On The Edge With Her Fashion Choices


Which Ladylike lady was up first? The Modern-Morticia-Adams of the group, Safiya.

Reminder: Safiya Looks And Says Things Like This


See what she came up with for Niki next.