VIDEO: Rock Out to School of Rock in 360 Degrees


School of Rock is set to rock The Great White Way to its very bones when it opens this year at The Winter Garden Theatre on December 6th, 2015. In the meanwhile, more adventurous New York theatergoers are attending the previews of the upcoming Andrew Lloyd Webber rock musical.

Want to get a sneak peek of the show-in-progress that’s already got critics buzzing without nabbing a ticket? 

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: YouTube)

Well, the producers have done us one better and given us a full 360-degree preview of the show’s featured number, “You’re in the Band.”

Step into the classroom with a bunch of adorable kids and their very loud, very unshaven teacher, Mr. Schneebly (played quite accurately by Alex Brightman), and take complete control of the camera. 

So, are you ready to ROCK? Of course you are. Click below.

The Daily Buzz
(H/T YouTube)