Grieving Sandy Hook Mom Shows Support For House Democrats With Pizza

Grieving Sandy Hook Mom Shows Support For House Democrats With Pizza


Nelba Marquez-Greene lost her daughter, Ana, in the brutal Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

Sandy (CREDIT: Wikipedia)

Ana was one of the twenty innocent children who lost their lives in a hail of bullets. Since then, her mother has become a voice for the progressive gun control movement. Her Facebook page, Remembering Ana Marquez-Greene, has over 110,000 likes on Facebook. It is a place where Nelba shares information about gun control measures, documentaries, and events. This past week, the Democrats in the House of Representatives staged a historical sit-in. The democratic members of the house literally took seats in the middle of the floor. They refused to move until the House promised to vote on two important gun control measures. These measures would prevent the sale of guns to people on the terrorist no-fly list and close loopholes that allow people to purchase guns without a background check both online and at gun shows.
Sandy (CREDIT: NBC Los Angeles)

This historic event appeared on all major news networks and earned a lot of media and public attention. Nelba knew that she wanted to show her support for the #NoBillNoBreak sit-in, as well. Nelba grabbed her phone and   called a local Washington, D.C., pizzeria. She placed an order and waited outside of the House of Representatives. A large group of families and children gathered together to receive the pizza and bring it to the sitting representatives. On each box, they added a note in support and solidarity.
Sandy (CREDIT: Twitter)

  The note said:
To Congressman Lewis & the House Democrats: Love Wins!!! Love, Ana's Mom From Sandy Hook  
Sandy (CREDIT: Twitter)

  This wasn't the only food delivery that reached the House of Representatives. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren also visited the House Of Representatives with numerous boxes of Dunkin' Donuts in tow. She even sat with the protesting politicians for a number of hours. The pizzas was surely a welcome gesture. It was a delicious and meaningful gift from a Sandy Hook mom to the politicians that were finally taking a stand for her.   HT: NBC Los Angeles, Twitter

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