What Happened to the Third Suspect in San Bernardino?

What Happened to the Third Suspect in San Bernardino?


The tragic mass shooting in San Bernardino, California last week took the nation by surprise as we were forced once again to deal with the reality of gun violence and the toll on innocent lives in America. Since the shooting, opinions have been flying fast and free over the airwaves about this "radicalized couple," Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, who went on a violent shooting spree at the Inland Regional Center.

But what happened to the third shooter?

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: YouTube)
In case you've forgotten (we almost did), the initial reports coming from the scene of the attack included some eyewitness accounts that there were three shooters, not two. Click the button below to watch the video of an eyewitness account from Sally Abdelmageed, an employee at the Inland Regional Center, who spoke with CBS Evening News's Scott Pelley about the shooting. She clearly mentions that she had seen three men on the day of the shooting.
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Furthermore, at the 4:50 point of this different video from the same program on December 2nd, an FBI agent confirms to the press that there is a third suspect, and that they do not have more information on that suspect.
Many news sites have begun building conspiracy theories on this "third shooter" and what it could all possibly mean. We're keeping our tinfoil hats in the closet, however. We just wonder what happened to the third suspect? And why are we only focusing on two people? Why did we only end up listening to witness accounts from three white men, and seemingly ignore accounts from an Arab man and a Pakistani woman? We may never get answers, but we're definitely asking questions. Click below to see the video. The Daily Buzz

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