The Rock Opens Up About A Difficult, Unspoken Subject Among Men


There are many reasons that men could be jealous of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. For one, he's the highest paid film actor of 2016. For two, he's People's Sexiest Person Of The Year. For three, he's a freakin' WWE Hall Of Fame Legend.

Rock (CREDIT: Twitter)

  But this past week, The Rock decided to use all of that fame and celebrity for good. (I will add that The Rock is often one to inspire, drive and support others, by the way.) Twitter user Austin Bitikofer, a 19-year-old aspiring film maker took to Twitter and said:
The fact that @TheROck once battled depression.. and he's where he is now, one of the biggest stars ever. Gives me hope I'll get somewhere.
The Rock, who has millions upon millions of followers and is no doubt busy filming five hundred sequels to The Mummy and 2 Fast 2 Furious, still took the time to respond to Bitikofer.
Rock (CREDIT: Twitter)

  The Rock tweeted:
Battled that beast more than once. Us men too prideful to ask for help. Speak up, ask for help and you're never alone. See (you) at the top one day.
In admitting to what Austin tweeted, and retweeting it, The Rock effectively ripped open a silent stigma among men: mental health. Since The Rock's tweet, men and women have been tweeting about their silent struggles with depression.
Rock (CREDIT: Twitter)

  As someone who had a father who struggled with depression, I am thankful to The Rock for not just letting Austin's tweet fly by without response. Something as simple as this could actually save the lives of many who thought, erroneously, that they were suffering all on their own.
Rock (CREDIT: Twitter)

  I hope that this conversation among men surrounding depression and other mental illnesses continues. Heck, I hope The Rock is inspired by the response he's gotten from just one kindhearted and inspiring tweet, and maybe goes even further in promoting men's mental health?
Rock (CREDIT: Twitter)

  That would be something I'd support The Rock cookin'. All the same, many thanks, Rock!  
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