Republican Senator Slams His Own Party For Not Fighting Against Birthers

Republican Senator Slams His Own Party For Not Fighting Against Birthers

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Arizona Senator Jeff Flake was on Sunday's Meet the Press, and expressed regret that Republicans didn't do more to combat "birtherism," the notion that former President Barack Obama was not actually a U.S. citizen.

"I wish that we, as a party, would have stood up, for example, when the birtherism thing was going along," Flake lamented. "A lot of people did stand up but not enough."


When asked by Chuck Todd if Flake thought he did enough, the senator replied, "On that I think I did."

Flake went on to denounce "particularly ugly conspiracy theories" and "simply fake news, stuff that is demonstrably false" as things he believes elected officials in his party should stand up against.

Flake's comments don't come without a heavy dose of hypocrisy, as he just voted in July to confirm John Bush, a man with a blog that has cited birther sources, as a federal judge, along with other Senate Republicans.

And though Flake claims he is against Trump on certain issues such as trade, his record shows that he has voted with Trump 93.5% of the time.

Flake has written off those votes as mostly "personnel business," which he claims is common for the first few months of any presidency, saying: "All we're doing really is approving the president's cabinet picks, justices."

Many on Twitter were somewhat skeptical:

Some said it was too little, too late:

But perhaps Flake has an ulterior motive:

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