Refugees In Australia's Detention Centers Are Turning To Twitter To Share Their Harrowing Stories

Refugees In Australia's Detention Centers Are Turning To Twitter To Share Their Harrowing Stories

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Having been shunned far too long by their government, refugees on Australia's Manus Island have taken to Twitter to try an extricate themselves from their dire situation. 

Australia's offshore detention centers have long been a disgraceful secretive, heavily guarded operation. For those who remain confined, smartphones and social media have been the only way to share stories of their harrowing plight, as the governments remain silent on who is responsible for them and journalists struggle to gain access to the grounds.

The camp is home to some 400 asylum seekers which has been a target of attacks from the local community and is still under construction.

This past week Twitter was overrun with updates from refugees inside the center, especially from Kurdish Iranian refugee and journalist Behrouz Boochani.

Photos and video from inside the site detail a horrifying reality. 

A volunteer-run charity called Gifts for Manus and Nauru has assisted with sending phone credit to refugees.

Ali Murdoch from Bega in New South Wales owns the charity, and has been involved in supporting the men in the Manus Island detention center since 2014.

However the public outcry has led to issues for the detainees as police raids have become common to confiscate devices.

Australian Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Peter Dutton has stated that the situation is not dire and much of the reports thus far are exaggerated. 


Yeah that doesn't really seem to gel with the photo proof. Much of Twitter is still ablaze with the story.

One publication in particular posted a Tweet that gives incredible insight into the people suffering and the tale of Australia's refugee crisis. 

Australia's government better get it together because it's looking like the people will not be let this issue fall silent and fade away. 


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