Reddit Users Reveal Their Mysterious Stories From The Night Shift

Reddit Users Reveal Their Mysterious Stories From The Night Shift




I work night shifts at a gas station. During the weekdays it's pretty quiet, it's usually only the truckers and taxi drivers who pop by for coffee and the sandwiches we have.

But one night i was talking shit with one of the cab drivers, a car drives into the lot, parks and it sits with its flood lights on bright aimed towards the glass front. Kinda weird but maybe the guy forgot what light he got on, it happens.

The guy finally enters after maybe 5 minutes of flooding the store part with light, and its obvious he's on something.

He's jittery, wide eyed, looks disheveled, paces around before he buys a coffee and stares intensely at me throughout the purchase.

Worth mentioning, Im a 5'2 chick with the opposite of a resting bitchface, i smile friendly to everyone. But I work alone for 8 hours in the dead of night. Eerie guy pays for his coffee without a single word. (Despite my friendly chattiness) so I continue talking with the cab driver, but i still feel this guy staring at me. It was very intense and unsettling.

Cab guy probably notices this and leans on the counter and slides his card over talking a bit hushed that i should call when i get off work if that guy sticks around, because hes getting creepy vibes from him.

Cab guy was right. This guy stuck around the shop for about an hour till closing, staring at me clean up. Until some truckers arrived, then he left and sat in his car, parked up against the window staring until closing time. I called cab guy and he gave me a free ride home.

He later told me this weirdo had been driving behind his taxi with his lights on full power.

The whole thing was just creepy.



Used to work night shift at Toys-R-Us. At night they would turn half of the lights off to save on power, and the girls toy section....oh god the girls toy section at night was so fucking creepy. You're carrying a box down the aisle and it's perfectly silent, then the motion sensors on the dolls will catch your movement and ALL AT ONCE the toys will turn and follow you with their lifeless eyes before screaming or laughing or crying in that horrible electronic box way and flailing about. I am a fully grown, 6'4, 300 lbs hairy assed man, and I have never noped my way out as fast as getting away from that section at night.



I'm an IT guy who frequently works over night when no one else is in the building. We have a "white noise" machine installed in the building that keeps the voices of all of the cubicle dwellers from blending together into a madding noise. In an empty building though, it sounds exactly like someone whispering into your ear just soft enough that you can't make out the words.

Figuring out how to turn that shit off, was a high priority.




This isn't fair, because I work night shift in a psych facility.

Basically, I've seen a lot of things working at night. From people coming in high and psychotic, to people huddling naked in the corner of a room whispering.

Scariest thing I have ever seen was a patient coming out to the nurses station and saying someone is outside of their window looking in. From admission they had been experiencing pretty strong hallucinations so we assumed this was another one.

To provide some ease, we went into the room to verify that there was no one there and provide them some relief and comfort.

We have removable draw curtains in rooms and they were shut. Walked up to it and asked if it was this window. Patients told us that it was. Drew it open and had quite possibly the biggest scare of my life.


He ran off when we saw him and we ended up calling the police as well as security.

They never found the guy and we never saw him again.

Still creeps me out to this day.



Delivery driver. I was out delivering my last order of the night, about 2am in the morning. I typically leave my car running while I run up to the house or apartment. This apartment was rather hard to find so it took me almost 4 minutes to get back to my car. As I walked around the corner of the apartment I noticed someone standing right next to my driver side door. Staring straight at the window he wasn't moving. I held back for a second, and then slowly walked up to the car and shouted, "hey what are you doing man." He didn't say a word or move, I was at this point about to throw up in suspense. As I walked closer the man looked straight at me, grinned, and walked away. Not one word.



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