Reddit Users Reveal Their Mysterious Stories From The Night Shift

Reddit Users Reveal Their Mysterious Stories From The Night Shift



Everything seems scarier in the dark.

When you combine late nights and eight-hour work schedules, mysterious stories emerge out of the dark.


I used to work at a pub that was 2 miles from my house. My shift ended at about 11 one night. I stayed there for a couple of drinks, then started walking home. Now this had been an exceptional night for me tip wise, and I had close to $400 in cash on me at the time. Between the pub and my house was exactly 1 street light about a quarter mile from the pub. The rest of the walk was in complete darkness.

This was a dark night too. It was close to the new moon, and cloudy to boot, so it was almost pitch black. Now I live out in the boonies, so there isn't even much light pollution to help out.

Not long after I leave the pub, a car slowly drives by me. About a quarter mile down the road the car slows to a stop, and it just sits there. I stop walking, and watch the car. It sits for a few minutes, then slowly drives away.

A couple of minutes later the same car comes slowly driving back by me in the opposite lane. It gets by me, drives a bit down the road, and slows to a stop again. Then it does a u-turn and starts creeping back down the road towards me with the lights off.

At this point I'm fucking terrified. I don't have a cell phone at the time, there's no one around to see what's going on. The car is between me and the pub, so I can't get back to the safety there. My house is still about 1.5 miles away; no way I can quickly escape there.

I quickly run off the road into the woods and duck down behind a bush. I watch for the car, but it's too dark to see it with the lights off and bushes/trees/undergrowth between me and the road.

I sit there for about 10 minutes, but don't see/hear anything. I'm about to make my way back to the road when I hear car doors closing. Now I'm really panicking. It feels like my chest is about to explode. The hairs on the back of my neck is standing up. I keep imagining someone sneaking up behind me.I stay hidden and hope to God whoever it is doesn't find me. I don't know how long I stay there, but I eventually hear car doors again, then cars passing by. I give it a couple of minutes, then ease back to the road.

When I see it's clear, I haul ass back to the pub and let my boss know what happened. He said then and there that I'm never to walk home at night again; either him, his brother, or his mom will give me a lift home. When the other servers and the kitchen staff hear what happen, they all say the same thing.

Never been that terrified before.



Used to work late shift as classroom IT support for a college.
We didn't get a lot of high priority calls from night classes so, among other duties, we'd get a lot of repairs and maintenance done that couldn't be done when the classrooms were in use during the day.

I don't mind the dark so I wasn't in the habit of turning lights in classrooms on if I was just going to do something real quick on the computer.

Well I had a ticket to install something on the instructor PC in a classroom I had never been to before.
It's about 10PM when I get around to this ticket and I head into the room.

I get about halfway across the room and suddenly freeze.
The hair on the back of my neck is standing up and I feel 100% that I'm being watched ... no I'm surrounded!

Then as my eyes start to adjust I see them.
This entire classroom is encircled by hospital beds sticking out from the walls.
And in every bed there's a person sitting up, looking right at me!


"OH, I'M SORRY!", I blurt out ...

Before finally realizing that they're all just plastic dummies and I was in a Nursing classroom.



I work in the ER and I frequently work overnight shifts.

One night I was sitting at the front desk by myself and I heard the front doors open but nobody walks in. So I get up to go see what the hell is going on or if anyone needs help. I go into the vestibule as it's empty and I want to see if anyone is outside. Nobody is there, not even any vehicles. At this point i shrug it off, but then I look down and see a massive pool of blood, like trauma level 1 massive. I immediately call the nurses to come up and we all scout out the area.

We didn't find anyone and to this day I wonder if that person survived. Just wish I could have helped. Very creepy experience.




I worked at a night club as a hostess. This isn't creepy, but pretty terrifying.

I had a tip jar in front of my desk. It was a Saturday night so the too jar was looking nice. Well this dude comes up and starts talking to me. Apparently while he was talking, he nudged the tip jar behind my computer screen so I couldn't see him steal ~$120. I only noticed when he walked away and back into the club. So when I did notice I told security who checked the cameras, saw him do it, chased him down, and forced him to give me my money back. Then as they were dragging him out, he looked at me with this crazy look in his eyes saying he was gonna wait outside for me to rape me/shoot me. It's safe to say I had all of the security guards walk me to my car that night.



Used to work third shift as a custodian. Not too many things happened, I ended up scaring myself most of the time, but this is downright the scariest thing that happened.

It was late, I don't remember exactly what time, but definitely at an hour where it would be extremely unusual for anyone to be in the school, probably 2-3 AM. As I explain this next part, you'll be able to piece together what's going to happen next, but I can't tell the story without explaining. Anyway, to get on the intercom, you have to punch in a code on a phone, any phone, in the building, then wait for the beep and then you can speak. Well I'm doing my thing, all alone in a large building, when I hear that beeeeep over the loud speaker. I have never felt so frozen in my life, even my mind just quit working. It's like I left my body for a second. I didn't hear a phone hang up like you usually would, so I held out hope that it was some malfunction. I sprinted to the administrative offices, locked all the doors, locked myself in a office, turned off the lights and called my boss. She kinda laughed at me and told me to calm down, that there was nothing to worry about, no one could get in without a key, there were silent alarms if anyone did happen to break in and the police would be alerted, which they hadn't.

I wasn't taking any chances though, so I stayed barricaded in the admin offices until teachers started coming in around 5 AM. Nothing came of it.



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