Rand Paul Caught Making Faces When Trump Entered Room--And We Can't Even

Rand Paul Caught Making Faces When Trump Entered Room--And We Can't Even

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Rand Paul has inadvertently created what may become the greatest meme EVER! 

Though they stand on the same political team, it is no secret that the Junior Senator from Kentucky and President Donald Trump have a bit of a, "complicated" history. And like many relationships of contention it isn't easy to stay cool when your point of aggravation walks in. 

Case in point :

Well that's uncomfortable yet brutally honest emotionally.

On Thursday, the two came together during a signing ceremony for Trump's executive order to unwind parts of the Affordable Care Act, an effort on which Paul and the White House collaborated.

And though the cameras were rolling for one reason Senator Paul inadvertently stole the spotlight and Twitter was LIVING for it! 

We see you Rand.....


Now Mr. Paul has played a significant part in the attack on the Affordable Care Act. And today he was in attendance because the President and he are finding common ground in Trump's choice in undermining many facets of the bill. 

This also did not go unnoticed. 

In the end Rand Paul's reaction is nothing short of priceless. He had to jump in bed with the devil to acquire the progress "HE" wanted. And that is always disconcerting. 

But these images are never going to get old. 

Take deep breathes Rand, and call Oprah. She can fix the soul. 


H/T : Business Insider, Twitter

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