Shame On View: Tweeters Find Their Racism on Public Billboards

Shame On View: Tweeters Find Their Racism on Public Billboards


Racism in Brazil has just found itself in an unwelcomed spotlight. Civil rights group Criola, a non-government organization that fights for the rights of black women in the country, partnered with ad agency, W3haus, in an effort to “raise awareness and start a discussion” about racism. The result has the world buzzing.

Using geotagging data, the organizations are pulling racist social media posts from the Internet, and then pasting them on giant billboards near the homes of those who posted the hateful commentary.

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: Ad Week)

Imagine leaving your home and seeing your own ignorance splayed out in massive fonts over the rooftops of your neighborhood, in front of the people who will judge you as you judge others. Probably not the best way to start your racist day.

Tackling racists one at a time in such a public method? We’re into it. Every little bit counts. And perhaps others who might consider airing their awful opinions on the Internet might think twice about it in the future. 

And, furthermore, one message rings clear: things you say online affect real people in real life. Seeing what might have seemed like a trivial, brief online joke then brought into full three-dimensional space and kept there, read by real people, and then shared around the world as the campaign rightfully goes viral? That’s powerful stuff.

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