Vladimir Putin Is The First World Leader To Congratulate Trump

Vladimir Putin Is The First World Leader To Congratulate Trump


Putin is Trump's biggest fangirl.

The 2016 presidential election left me with no words. I spent four years of my life studying political science, and I don't know where to start. I do know that our reactions to Tuesday's results need to be short lived. There are still battles to fight and children who need a country to grow up in. Vladimir Putin's speech after Trump's victory brings makes this point even more relevant. It's time to wake up and pay attention.
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Putin was the first international leader to congratulate Trump after Clinton conceded the election. He sent a telegram expressing, "...hope for joint work to restore Russian-American relations from their state of crisis."
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He argued for increased open communication between Moscow and Washington. He hopes this new relationship will address "pressing international issues" and start "effective responses" to global security problems. Putin and Trump's scary bromance isn't shocking news.
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Trump has repeatedly stated his admiration for Putin. He promoted "improved relations with Russia" during the election. Trump blindsided members of NATO revoking unconditional support for members of NATO under attack. This is a direct violation of the NATO treaty. The news of Trump's success wasn't just celebrated by Putin.
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Russia's lower house of parliament cheered when they heard the news. Vyacheslar Nikonov, a member of Russian parliament, said:
Three minutes ago, Hillary Clinton admitted defeat in the U.S. presidential elections. And just seconds ago, Trump began his speech as president-elect. I congratulate all of you on this.
I don't want to tell you this is cause for alarm. I think Putin's statement is cause for attention.
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The result of the election is on us. The culture that gave Trump a platform is a result of the culture we carry with us. For those of us who are scared of Putin and Trump's relationship, the best thing we can do right now is pay attention. Stay strong. We got this.
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H/T: Mashable, US Weekly  

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