Putin Blames U.S. For Global Malware Attack; Pouts

Putin Blames U.S. For Global Malware Attack; Pouts


Russia was the victim of a cyber-attack! Beginning last Friday, May 12th, a massive malware attack struck hundreds of thousands of computers around the globe. One of the hardest hit countries was Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin was quick to voice outrage over the incident, blaming the U.S. for its role in the security breach.

The virus, known as WannaCry, exploits a weakness in operating systems that was initially discovered by U.S. intelligence agencies. Putin claims the U.S. is at fault for not sharing this information sooner. However, it was a hacker group called The Shadow Brokers (who many suspect of being Russian) who leaked the information to the world at large.

Though the incident may not have originated in Russia, Russian officials are also skeptical it began in the United States. Igor Ashmanov, a member of the Russian Council for Digital Economy, commented:

Special state cyberforces evidently would not exercise such a stupid attack.

Ashmanov also reminded everyone that any government-backed attack on Russian institutions would be considered an act of war. All the Russian officials in the room then looked at each other and nodded like "of course, of course" because hacking another country's government is something Russia would absolutely never do.

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