Florida Dog Gets Her Paw Prints and Mugshot Taken

Florida Dog Gets Her Paw Prints and Mugshot Taken


Tarpon Springs Police Department had to take a mugshot of a very unlikely criminal this past week.

A Florida police department recently booked one of it's cutest fugitives ever: an adorable little dog.
Mugshot CREDIT: Metro

The Tarpon Springs Police Department posted a mugshot of Willow, a stray dog without any tags, on their Facebook page, titling the post: "FUGITIVE K9 CAPTURED." Willow was brought into the police department after a Tarpon Springs resident called the non-emergency hotline to report a stray, but not vicious, dog in her neighborhood. On their Facebook page, the TSPD reported that: On their Facebook page, the TSPD reported that:
Willow refused to tell officers where she lived so she was taken to the PD where she was booked and photographed.
Because of her "noncompliance," Willow went through standard booking protocol, including a mugshot and paw prints being taken (because Willow was too short, an officer had to hold her up so she could be in the mugshot's frame).
Mugshot CREDIT: Facebook

After police dispatcher Juanita O'Harra posted Willow's mugshot on Facebook, someone commented, asking if the TSPD's newest fugitive happened to be deaf. O'Harra said that:
It made sense because the dog didn't respond to typical commands like 'sit' or a whistle.
A worker at a local rescue center said he might recognize Willow as a dog who recently escaped the center but couldn't tell from the mug shot because the white dog was a little dirtier when the photo was taken. According to O'Harra, she had "had a little fun outside." After a little more than two hours in police custody, someone from the rescue center came to "bail" Willow out and "posted bond." TSPD said of their K9 inmate that, "she was very cooperative with officers and probably one of the most friendly prisoners we've ever had in custody." O'Harra came up with the idea to post the mugshot of Willow on Facebook to bring a smile to people's faces, this coming after a very tumultuous past week for police departments across America dealing with their relations with the individuals and communities that they are to protect and serve. H/T: Facebook, ABC News, GeoBeats  

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