Potential Homebuyer Stumbles Upon Mummified Corpse in Garage



A University of Michigan anthropologist will perform an autopsy on the mummified and still unidentified remains discovered in the garage of a Detroit home.

The body is so decayed that authorities have had to rely on a specialist to determine its gender and age, as well as its cause of death.

According to Lloyd Jackson, a spokesman for the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office:

At this point, they don’t know if it’s male or female, or cause or manner of death or anything like that. That’s when the anthropologist comes in and checks it out. They didn’t do an autopsy, they just did an inspection because that’s usually what they do when they get these bodies that have been really badly decomposed or mummified.


The body was discovered by a potential homebuyer around 1 PM last Thursday in the backseat of a Plymouth that was over 20 years old and in a detached parking garage of a property in the 19900 block of Spencer. The tenants who lived in the home told authorities that the property owners told them to never use the garage––so they didn't.

Investigators are working to track down records of whoever lived in the house in the past as well as who registered the car. Property records show the house and garage last sold for $21,000 in 1986 and is in the name of Emanuel Martinez; authorities have not been able to contact him.


A nearby resident expressed shock when she heard about the grisly discovery. She said that until authorities discovered the body, she had never seen the garage door open. She said she remembered dogs barking on the property, but was unsure whether the barking was related to the mummified body in the garage. She told authorities that the house's previous occupants before the current tenants were a mother and son who moved out four or five years ago.

H/T: USA Today, Detroit News