This Poop PSA Is My New Jam

This Poop PSA Is My New Jam


India has a problem with poop. Public poop to be specific.

While some parts of India are the definition of cleanliness...

The Daily Buzz (credit: Info Stormer)

...other parts are less so...

The Daily Buzz (credit: Telegraph India)
Contributing to the uncleanliness of parts of urban India is the nation's serious problem with public defecation. That's right, pooping in public. According to the international relief organization UNICEF, an estimated 620 million individuals in India poop out in the open every day, depositing more than 143 million pounds of solid human waste. It shouldn't come as a shock that this habit puts India's population at risk for life-threatening infections, diseases and epidemics. So, UNICEF did something pretty awesome to help the cause. They created the Poo2Loo campaign.
The Daily Buzz (credit: twitter)
(credit: twitter)
Poo2Loo has brought the fight against open defecation "onto the streets and online; to industry, government bodies, academia and citizen groups." One of their main efforts has been spreading a new public service announcement appropriately (and also hysterically) entitled "Poo Party." The music video has been catching the eyes and ears of the young, the old and ME. It is their hopes that this campaign will improve the overall health of India's urban populations. Meanwhile, here in America (where we have many problems, but open defecation isn't currently one), "Poo Party" is going straight to my jam session playlist and will be blared out my speakers at every party I throw from now until forever! You might think it weird at first, but this song is SO DAMN CATCHY, you'll catch the Poo Party fever.

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