Police Use Trick From Episode Of 'The Simpsons' To Catch Criminals—And It Worked

Police Use Trick From Episode Of 'The Simpsons' To Catch Criminals—And It Worked


The South Yorkshire Police tricked 21 people into being arrested for outstanding crimes and the plot is GENIUS!!! 

Operation "Holly" found officers mailing cards from a phony company to the addresses of some of their most wanted with the promise of being gifted a free Christmas hamper.


That was the initial reaction. 

Missives  believed to be from "Herald Hampers" promised bottles of champagne, wine, Christmas pudding and many holiday surprises.



South Yorkshire Police

Looks tempting. 


If the recipients wanted to claim their holiday prizes they had to arrange a time for the hamper to be delivered at their home.

Except... it wasn't a hamper arriving, it was the police!


In the end the 21 fell hook, line and sinker for the plan. 

According to Indy100, criminals wanted for burglary, assault, fraud, drunk-driving, and drug charges were apprehended. 

Temporary Detective Chief Inspector Lee Berry spearheaded the operation. In a statement he said:

It’s encouraging that our innovative approach has yielded positive results and we will continue to explore new avenues for apprehending those wanted, which impacts upon the victims of crime.
Sending officers to addresses where wanted people no longer reside is also a drain on valuable police resources.

Ironically on social media it was alerted that the plot resembled a storyline on "The Simpsons."


The episode titled Lisa the Sceptic, a storyline begins where Chief Wiggum and the rest of the Springfield police force fool several criminals from the town into entering a "police raffle" believing they will receive a free motorboat.

Homer, is wanted for unpaid parking tickets and falls prey to the ruse. 

As always he is the character who never learns.


Observe : 

Gusty Wilkins/YouTube.com

The Yorkshire police haven't admitted "The Simpsons" as inspiration but it's awfully similar. 

No matter, crooks were caught. The streets are safer. Cheers to the boys in blue!


H/T : Indy100, YouTube

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