People Who Worked at Trump-Owned Companies Share Their Experiences

People Who Worked at Trump-Owned Companies Share Their Experiences



TRUMP (6/12)

From a family member.

My brother joined a small financial firm right out of college. This was after the 2008 recession, so they were doing a lot of bad loan collections. One of them was for the Trump Corporation. It was a small loan, I think for about 10 washing machines. Anyway my brother had to work hard to convince Trumps legal council to pay it. He said it was very strange, the way they talked was very egocentric, and this guy would use power tactics. "You heard of Donald Trump? I'm staring at him right now. You think I'm going to bother him over 10 washing machines!?"

Finally, my brother put together a document showing irrefutable evidence of how the Trump Corporation bought these machines and still need to pay for them. The strange thing was that as soon as he sent them that document, they wired the money. My brother said he found it annoying how hard they fought such a small payment, but was impressed that they paid as soon as strong evidence was presented to them. Essentially they could've been pricks and kept fighting it, but they seemed to change their minds when presented with strong evidence.


TRUMP (5/12)

And another.

My dad worked in the casino industry in Atlantic city in the 80s and 90s at the same time that Trump was trying his hand at it. My dad worked specifically at the Taj Mahal as a transportation manager (basically made sure limos were on time picking up celebs and high rollers). One day the Don himself called my dad personally and told him he needed a limo for his wife, Ivana at the time, to go shopping. He set up the limo to pick her up and all was going smoothly. That was, until the limo drove past the marina where Trump kept his yacht. Apparently, the reason Trump sent Ivana on a shopping spree was so he could take his yacht out with all his friends and mistresses, and it just so happened to be pulling away from the dock when the limo drove by. Ivana immediately jumped out of the limo, climbed over the fence and ran out onto the dock screaming and started throwing her high heels at the yacht as it floated off.

He has also told me stories about Trump laying off hundreds of minorities (mostly housekeepers) that had come to AC from Philly and had to walk/hitchhike back to their families in Philly because they had nothing and weren't paid anywhere near an appropriate rate. I'm really not sure how anybody could believe Trump wants the working class to succeed. He doesn't give a s**t about you.


TRUMP (4/12)

Four years ago, I was a young photographer at a newspaper. I was assigned to photograph Trump, Ivanka and his sons for a story about a fundraiser he was having.

As I walk into the golf course lobby, a big group of people come out with Donald standing right in the middle. I took photos of him and his family outside, then as we walked back inside, he passed by a custom-made "TRUMP" motorcycle. He asked if I wanted a picture of him with it, I said "only if you get on it."

Took the photo here it is and he said "that'll be a front page photo right there" and walked off. Pretty sure I shook his hand too. Seemed like a nice enough guy. I pretty much absolutely disagree with almost everything he has done as a candidate / president, but I thought he was pretty nice then.


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