People Who Worked at Trump-Owned Companies Share Their Experiences

People Who Worked at Trump-Owned Companies Share Their Experiences



TRUMP (9/12)

I worked for a production company in South Florida that did the lighting and decor for a charity event at Mar a Lago. I was on a scissor lift hanging up pin spots in the main ballroom which apparently just recently had all of the gold leaf trim re-done. In order to finish the last few lights in the section I'm working on I need to adjust the lift's position so I check my surroundings and look to the floor to make sure I can maneuver. When I look down I see two business men near the base of the lift talking to each other and realize one of them is the Don. I move the lift a few inches and he looks up and yells, "HEY DON'T F*** UP MY GOLD LEAF!!" I stop the lift and just stare at him... and then the wall which was well over 15ft away from me. I stare back at him and he mumbles something to the other guy and they move on. This was late 2004 and right before his wedding to his current wife. Either way I don't think he needed to yell at me but I suppose it made him feel better about himself.


TRUMP (8/12)

About a decade ago my father, who ran a small family business, took a contract with Trump. After they had been working on the project for a while, the Trump and Co stopped paying them for their work. There was a prolonged legal battle, Trump claiming that they hadn't finished the work, and my father claiming stopped payments. Despite piles of paperwork and evidence showing the Trump had violated the contract and not them, my fathers company lost. Trump bought out the mediator that had been brought in to make an impartial judgement.

This story is not unique to my family, Trump has done this over and over to small businesses around the country.


TRUMP (7/12)

Worked for a contractor building the Taj mahal. Was good. I made tons of money. Then he stiffed all the contractors and informed them they were contractually bound to finish the job regardless of their payment. It got sorted out but by that time he had already put a few good companies out of business.


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