People Tell Us About The Scariest Thing That's Ever Woken Them Up At Night

People Tell Us About The Scariest Thing That's Ever Woken Them Up At Night


Ever have something strange––even frightening––wake you up in the middle of the night?

These people have.

SCARED (16/16)

Hearing glass breaking, going out to check and seeing my Dad with a gun pointed at my mother, brother and sister. He had broken the front of the gun cabinet and pulled out a shotgun.

I was about 9 or so? My Dad was an alcoholic, but he was actually on medicine to help him stop. He had drank that night WHILE taking that medicine and it really broke something in his head. I only know vague details of the lead up from my Mom telling me, because I was asleep until the glass broke. But from what I understand, my Dad had started yelling at/being physical with my Mom (not normal for him) and my brother stepped in. This set my Dad off and he broke the front of the cabinet and pulled the gun out (yes it was either already loaded or he loaded it right after). This led to my Dad on one side of the living room with the gun aimed at my brother. My Mom stood in front of him to protect him, my sister stood in front of her and I woke up at the gun break and made my way out and stood with my sister until my Mom made her take me back to bed. I actually don't remember the rest but I'm told they couldn't talk him down and had to get everyone out of the house and call the cops. My twin brother and I (he slept through it all to this point) ended up in the back of the cruiser with my Mom and older brother outside it. My sister was near the house trying to calm my Dad down, until he fired the gun several times. He was eventually arrested and spent a week in jail.


SCARED (15/16)

It was scarier in hindsight. In college I lived in an apartment with 3 other random people. I was the only one who spent much time in the apartment. The other guys had gfs or something and were rarely home.

Anyway late at night I heard noise in the kitchen. Walked out and there was a guy going through the freezer or something. I wasn't fully awake but said "uhh hi" or something.

The guy was like "oh uhh I was looking for the party, is this where it is?" I said "no" and he said "sorry man" and left.

The next day it turned out he had eaten one of the roommate's breakfast sandwiches.

But overall we had been really lax about locking the door, so from then on I made sure the door was always locked.


SCARED (14/16)

My daughter was a sleepwalker. There is something so indescribably creepy about waking up to a four-year-old standing at your bedside, just staring. She wouldn't make a sound; she'd let her stinky breath wake me up. Then once I recovered from the shock of her being there, she'd speak in tongues because she wasn't really awake. I'd assure her she was asleep and escort her back to her room to be tucked in, never taking my eyes off her for fear her head would swivel around fully and she'd laugh maniacally at me. Scared the piss out of me every time.


SCARED (13/16)

A field rat in my hair.

Field rats are about the same size as a pet rat, so nothing like those giant scary city rats, but i still don't want one IN MY F***ING HAIR.

One summer at my father's acreage a few field rats had found their way into the house, and this particular night I was sleeping in the basement where they were sometimes a bit more active. I had really long hair (to my lower back) and in my sleep the ends had fallen down over the edge of the bed and almost reached the floor. I awoke to a field rat climbing my hair like f***ing Rapunzel and it was absolutely terrifying.

I was not a fan of rats, or that basement, or sleeping after that experience.


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