People Share The Worst Reasons Why Someone Broke Up With Them

People Share The Worst Reasons Why Someone Broke Up With Them



C'mon people... you can do better than that.

Or maybe you can't.

REALLY? (1/10)

I was a 15 year old freshman and she was 17 year old senior. When we started dating, she said she wanted to wait two months before having sex. I was a virgin and wasn't even really worried about it so I agreed. Then a month later things got hot and heavy and she insisted that we do it; I asked "are you sure? You said you wanted to wait" but she insisted on banging it out anyways. Afterwards, she said that it was a test to see if I would actually wait like I said I would, and that I "failed just like every other guy before me did". Then she dumped me.


REALLY? (2/10)

I was 17, she was 16 and we went to the mall as my girlfriend wanted to do shopping for a bathing suit. When we got there, she asked me what I thought about the bikini she was considering getting. It looked amazing, but - naively - I questioned why she was getting one if she already had one. She responded it was for a guy that evening and I wouldn't want her to look bad in her older, raggy suit. I stood perplexed and asked why she wanted to see the guy. She said it was to see if he liked her. She bought the bikini and left me at the store breaking up with me at the register - all with a smile. I think I stood there for a solid 20 minutes not knowing wtf just happened.



REALLY? (3/10)

I remember one I got from a girl.

"I promised Isaac I'd start dating him on the 12th"

Fuck you Jennifer.


REALLY? (4/10)

I remember one of the reasons being,

"We never argue and if we do, you never yell. I need to see emotion out of you."

I grew up in a house where my parents seemed to scream at each other any time they got in an argument. Never liked that. Figured I wouldn't if I was in a relationship.



REALLY? (5/10)

"I just don't want to lead you on."

We've been together for a year.

"Well, I was really just using you to get to your friend that I'm going out with now."

.....For a year?


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