People Share The Things They Do That Others Say They Do The "Wrong" Way

People Share The Things They Do That Others Say They Do The "Wrong" Way



Old habits die hard.


WEIRD (1/15)

The method in which I put on my socks.

When I start putting on the socks they are inside out and I fit the end properly on my toes and pull the opening of the sock to my ankle/leg. It's like how you take off the sock but in reverse order.


WEIRD (2/15)

I apparently make mac & cheese weird. While the noodles are boiling I make the sauce in the bowl I plan to eat out of, and then add the noodles to that. Keeps the pot from getting all cheesy so it's easier to wash and gives me something to do while the noodles are cooking.


WEIRD (3/15)

Hold my knife and fork in the 'wrong' hands. I like to hold my fork with my strong hand (Right handed). It seems to be a notable issue for some people.


WEIRD (4/15)

I eat my sandwiches crust first in a circle and continue taking bites in a circular manner until the last perfect bite. Bite, rotate, repeat.


WEIRD (5/15)

I'm mainly left-handed but got taught a lot of things by my right-handed siblings. The result is an odd assortment of skills I do better right-handed, or do left-handed but semi-backwards.

People realize something's off about how I'm handling a baseball bat or knitting, but can't quite place it.


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